The History of Tahu - Tahu, or also usually known as tofu or bean curd is traditional food originating from East and Southeast Asia. It is believed to have been around and consumed for thousand years in China. This food had been brought by Chinese traders to the whole world reaching East Asia, Southeast Asia, and then to the whole world.
Oncom, a By-Product that Proved to be Beneficial for Health - Oncom is a traditional West Javanese food and closely related to tempe which both are made through fermentation. There are two types of oncom, the red and black ones. The black one is made by using Rhizopusoligosporus, while the red one is Neurosporaintermedia.
Ikan Asin, a Method of Preserving Fish in Indonesia - Since fresh fish generally very quickly deteriorates, people need to find the fish preservative method to ensure that the fish they caught can be stored for some times and still edible. The method of preserving fish has been known for centuries, usually by drying or salting. Ikan asin is the result of preserving the fish using salt.

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    Peuyeum, Fermented Cassava from West Java - Indonesia has several delicious fermented foods, one of which is peuyeum. It is fermented cassava usually eaten as snacks. Although it is a traditional West Javanese snack, similar food also is known in other parts of Java but it is called Tape.